Our story began with car repair painting. In 1992, we signed a dealership with STANDOX, a German manufacturer of premium automotive refinishing materials, for then the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic. Thanks to our results we have gradually earned the trust of other major manufacturers in the field of surface preparation and finishing. This has enabled us to offer our customers a complete portfolio of products, equipment and technologies from one place. Technical support, training, consulting as well as warranty and after-sales service form an essential part of our services.


of STANDOX painting materials to the Czech and Slovak markets. These premium painting materials are currently used in the Czech Republic by a number of both authorized and independent car paint shops. For their daily work they need products they can rely on under any circumstances.


Within a painting system, you can choose the most advanced Standoblue technology or the popular classic - Standohyd Plus. Of course, both systems meet the most demanding legislative criteria for low emissions of organic solvents, so-called VOCs.



Standox currently offers more than 200,000 colour shades and tints.

Car manufacturers introduce a number of new colour shades every year. And consequently sometimes very high number of colour tints. The total number will continue to increase. Currently, Standox develops over 25,000 new formulations a year.

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