One-step application

As a first manufacturer Standox is to offer a comprehensive range of products that can be - thanks to its advanced painting materials - applied from filler to the top clear coat in one step ("one visit application").

Products are applied so that there is no need for ventilation between applications. At the same time, even better drying of the painted layer is guaranteed.


  • Saves application time in the spray box

  • Increases productivity

  • Increases the paint shop capacity

  • Saves energy and labour costs

  • Reduces the risk of defects in the finish

  • Reduces both emissions of volatile organic compounds and environmental pollution

Competitive advantage

By using One-Visit materials, more work can be done while maintaining excellent quality. This helps you gain a competitive advantage over other car paint shops. At the same time, it allows us to respond flexibly to the increasing pressure to reduce costs due to requirements of insurance companies and other contracting authorities, while maintaining sufficient profitability for further development.

For a cartoon demonstration of the benefits of the One-Visit system visit YouTube - click here.

You might find interesting

For the first time, Standox introduced the first products based on the one-step application principle already on the occasion of the Automechanika trade fair in 1992. Over time, it has actively developed these processes. Today we are a technological leader in this area, offering complete product lines for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, from primers through fillers to top coats and clear coats.


MicroRepair is a cost-effective procedure for the professional repair of minor paint damage such as scratches, small dents or damages caused by little stones.

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