Since 2004, Servind has held the ISO 9001 quality certificate with Czech and international accreditation, which is a guarantee, but also a commitment, for a continuous process of quality improvement of all provided products and services.


In 2007, we successfully passed the ISO 14001 environmental certification. In this way, the company committed to the long-term environmental improvement and pollution prevention. Our motto as far as the environment protection is concerned: “We are an integral part of society and we are aware of how we interact with our surroundings and employees. We believe that even a small impact on the environment makes a difference."


Servind is a holder of certificates for warranty and after-sales maintenance service for supplied products.


The company is also a major member of SISA, SAČR and ČAOK.




SERVIND s.r.o. has been an importer and distributor of car repair paints, industrial paints, accessories for paint shops as well as service and garage equipment.


We have been operating on the Czech and Slovak markets since 1992 and have become one of the leading suppliers in this industry. We have passed through several important moments and development stages on the way to our current position. Our aim has been the continuous improvement of our services. We have built a distribution network covering 100% of the Czech Republic in order to be close to our customers. We operate on the Slovak market through our subsidiary SERVIND SLOVAKIA s.r.o., established in 1993.


Our regular customers include hundreds of car paint shops and car repair shops. The products we supply for the car repair industry have been approved by all car manufacturers and official car importers operating in the Czech Republic. However, the scope of our company's activity has also been dynamically expanding into the automotive manufacturing and subcontracting sector of the automotive industry. Major industrial enterprises have become an integral part of our client structure due to the introduction of a wide range of industrial paints into our assortment.


Choosing SERVIND means not only gaining access to high quality products and the most advanced technologies, but above all also gaining a wide range of services at a high professional level. The comprehensiveness of our offer is one of the main benefits of our company. We offer the possibility of purchasing and supplying all needs from one place and providing services tailored to a particular customer. We organize regular training sessions and seminars for our customers in our own information centre. We adapt them to their specific needs and requirements and provide information on advanced technological processes and the latest products. We provide the professional consultancy services including, for example, recommendations on the use of optimal painting materials and processes, technical equipment and cost-effective painting processes, provision of a colorist service, assistance in dealing with environmental and occupational safety issues, etc. Also the professional and fast maintenance service of all tools and equipment from our company's range forms an integral part of our services.


We are committed, to contribute, together with our foreign suppliers, to bringing our customers up to European standards. Our aim is to ensure top quality in car repair and industrial painting in close partnership and to create room for greater profitability. We have been guided by these main principles:


  • relying on the competence and commitment of all employees


  • relying on the know-how and expertise of internationally renowned companies and their product portfolios


  • provision of customer-oriented services and their customization to the customer's needs


  • commitment to protect the environment and the health of our painters


We highly appreciate the cooperation with our customers. We strive is to establish, expand and strengthen mutual relationships with all partners. We have been constantly striving to improve our company's performance and economic success so that we continue to be a market leader in the domestic market in the future thus gaining an advantageous market position over our competitors. This forces us to continuously improve our quality management in order to satisfy our customers' requirements quickly and efficiently to their full satisfaction. We are committed to continuously supporting all processes leading to improving the effectiveness of the quality management system, meeting its requirements, fulfilling the quality policy and objectives and developing partner relationships. For, a satisfied customer is the aim of everything we do. Everything we do, we do for our customer's benefit.


SERVIND s.r.o. always complies with legal requirements and other environmental standards, which are the basis of the environmental management system. The company has committed to the standards and principles within ISO 14001:2015 to affirm its positive approach and responsible environmental policy,. We review the environmental policy and monitor the latest trends on a regular basis thus aiming at continuous improvement of the environmental protection.


Environmental Policy Highlights:


  • Prevention/Preparedness


  • Efficiency


  • Environmental protection


  • Sustainability


  • We comply with and meet all applicable requirements of applicable legal and other standards related to the quality control system, as well as requirements resulting from decisions of governmental authorities related to this system.


  • We do our best to to minimize the negative impact of our own activities, materials and services on the environment.


  • The company strives to manage energy and water resources efficiently and has adopted an active approach to managing material resources and reducing waste from its own activities. We prefer suppliers, who are committed to reducing the consumption of natural, non-renewable raw materials and have adopted an active approach to environmental issues with a view to long-term sustainability.


  • We consistently check the technical condition, energy consumption and emissions of all buildings, equipment, technology, company cars, handling equipment taking into account the environmental aspects of their acquisition. (Renewable sources, energy efficiency, greenhouse gases, wastes, wastewater pollution, overall sustainability and any other environmental impacts). 


  • We take precautions to prevent emergency situations that may adversely affect the environment.


  • We increase our employees' awareness of environmental protection and the impact of their activities on the environment on a regular basis.


  • We provide sufficient financial, material and organisational conditions for the effective and efficient operation of the quality management system and its improvement.


  • Long-term, we strive - in cooperation with our suppliers and partners - to introduce products with less negative impact on the environment, especially with regard to greenhouse gases, emissions/VOCs, water quality, no or reduced consumption of non-renewable resources and waste. We market equipment and technologies that are less energy intensive and provide benefits in terms of long-term sustainability.


  • We provide our customers with all necessary information on the safe use, transport, storage and disposal of the supplied products, in particular on their environmental, health and long-term sustainability properties.


  • We are raising awareness of the company as an environmentally friendly organisation.


The environmental policy of SERVIND s.r.o. comes from our own initiative, knowledge of the issues related to the impact of its activities, knowledge of the production processes and the marketed products and technologies, including the leadership skills of the top management and all employees, who can influence the environmental impact of all our activities.

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