A great future for your paint shop.

Standohyd Basecoat complies with the most strict environmental E.U. regulations and European Union and has been one of the first products in the One-Visit Application system in the field of automotive refinishing. This has provided paint shops with enormous benefits in terms of speeding up processing, increased efficiency and significant material consumption savings.

Standohyd Plus is a part of the Pro-future group, the product line characterized by its low solvent content.

The quality of Standohyd has been proven in comprehensive tests. Standohyd did absolutely great in several areas 

  • Easy processing

  • Excellent colour shade accuracy

  • High efficiency.

High opacity

As Standohyd can be applied in a single application, paint shops can both reduce material consumption and increase productivity.

Extremely easy preparation 

Simply dilute the paint with demineralized water using a viscosity stick and you are ready to spray.

Fast drying

The most state-of-the-art flash-off technology increases productivity and vehicle capacity.

Small packaging

Rarely used mixes used to be supplied in 500 ml containers. This means less money in stock and reduced wastes.

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