Automotive industry

Autmobilový průmysl

Car manufacturers and their subcontractors are among the most important clients of Servind. Our biggest reference is the fact that our products are used by all car factories located in the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as their most important subcontractors. By combining extensive portfolio of high-quality products and comprehensive range of services, we are able to offer the following products in surface treatment processes in the course of series production:

  • Painting systems

Repair/small-run systems (OEM), paints for plastics (TIER1), powder coatings (TIER1)


  • Consumables

Protective covers for robots, tapes, masking films, overalls, special gloves, work-related cosmetics, etc.


  • Equipment

Spray booths, air filtration, infrared heaters, spray gun cleaners, etc.



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