Painting systems for passenger vehicles and motorcycles

Bugatti - laky pro osobní automobily

Modern painting solutions, such as Standoblue Basecoat or Standohyd Basecoat, are very economical, environmentally friendly, and assist in ensuring optimum quality.

Select the product that best suits your challenging demands:

  • Standoblue

Standoblue is an absolutely new technology of painting materials that combines the best factors required by bodyshops: perfect colors, efficient workmanship, quick application, and metallic pigments free from clouding.


  • Standohyd

The waterborne painting system Standohyd complies with the strict environmental guidelines of the European Union. It is part of Pro Future, the low-solvent product system. It has been officially approved by all prominent car manufacturers.


  • Standocryl

The EU Solvent Emission Directive has been in force since January 2007. It defines strict organic solvent emission limits. Only materials complying with the new regulations may be used to repair paints.




Smart solution for smaller damage. MicroRepair is a cost-effective solution for professional repairs of small paint damage or dints. Our Standoblue, Standohyd and Standocryl solutions may be used in the process.

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