One-Visit System

One visit application

Thanks to its advanced painting materials, Standox is the first manufacturer to offer a comprehensive product range for a one visit application, from filler to clear coat.

Products are applied in a manner that eliminates the need for flash off time between individual passes, while also ensuring even better drying of the painted surface.

Key benefits of the One-Visit Application

  • Saves application time in a spray booth
  • Increases labor productivity
  • Increases bodyshop throughput
  • Saves energy and staff costs
  • Reduces the risk of defects in surface treatment
  • Reduces emissions of volatile organic compounds and environmental burden


Competitive advantage

By using One-Visit materials, it is possible to perform more work while maintaining outstanding quality. This represents a great precondition for gaining ground on other bodyshops. Furthermore, it allows to flexibly react to increasing cost-cutting pressures by insurance companies and other clients, while ensuring sufficient profitability for further development.

For animated demonstration of benefits offered by the One-Visit system, go to YouTube.

Interesting fact

Standox first introduced the One-Visit project more than twenty years ago, at the 1992 Automechanika trade fair. Over time, it has been actively developing these procedures, thereby gaining significant technological advantage in the area.

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