Standox currently offers more than 60 000 shades and nuances.

Each year, car manufacturers present several new color shades, with related – and often very high – number of color undertints. And the total number will continue to increase.

All these factors make identification of the correct color and precise formula very difficult for all refinishers.

Standox offers a wide range of services to refinishers that allow quick and efficient identification of the right color and its subsequent transformation into a mixing formula.

The following coloristic tools are available:

  • Spectrophotometer Genius
  • Standowin - software for searching formulas with many additional functions
  • Effect navigator
  • Digital display of individual shades
  • Color boxes with original color samples (also for plastic parts)
  • Online formula search
  • Color mix posters
  • Various trainingsUseful Standothek “The quick way to a superior color match”
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