Bodyshop equipment

Vybavení pro autoprůmysl

Our product portfolio for the engineering market also comprises tools, machinery, equipment, and deliveries of larger capital equipment that are directly related to paint applications in serial/off-line production. We also install most of the product we offer for our customers as part of the contract, ensuring warranty and post-warranty for all installations (certified by suppliers).


This German company manufacturing spray booths, preparation stations, and bodyshop equipment is one of the absolute global leaders in the area of painting material application equipment. It has been an important global supplier for more than 60 years. Each item within its product portfolio is practically designed in line with specific customer’s requirements to comply not only with the client’s spatial constraints, but also to select a solution that is as effective as possible. LUTRO spray booths play an important role in the automotive industry and bodyshops worldwide


Renowned Italian manufacturer supplies complete painting technology, from preparation stations in numerous designs to spray booths in different sizes. Spray booths are available in sizes from 6 x 4 x 2.5 m to booths used for spray painting of trucks with dimensions of 24 x 5 x 5 m.

The scope of accessories and modifications of individual deliveries is consulted during a personal visit of Servind technicians with the client.

Today, nearly 300 TERMOMECCANICA installations are used throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia – not only in the car refinishing segment, but also within industry or wood processing.


Although this company is relatively new to the spray booth market, it is the only company to offer a revolutionary system of spray booth heating – not in the form of conventional burners with heat exchanger or burners with direct burning, but in the form of boards that use gas decomposition on the same basis as drying robots. These installations thus benefit from significant savings in energy and operating costs.

For more information about the Symach drying technology click here.    


German-based company Herkules offers spray gun cleaner stations, infrared heaters, mobile or built-in jacking systems, paper and can presses. Relying on long-lasting experience, innovative technology, and correctly selected strategy, Herkules fulfills requirements of even the most demanding professionals.

The company was established in 1974. Thanks to its emphasis on innovations of its products, it soon became one of the top manufacturers.


Central vacuums featuring state-of-the-art Siemens technology and stainless equipment for bodyshops and paint mixing operations.


Infrared heaters and Infrared heater systems to comply with the most challenging requirements of professionals.

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